Sunday, August 27, 2006

Return to the Valley

Return to Blogger

The Minnesota Vikings' regular season begins in less than two weeks and time is ticking on Vikesgeek to offer his season-opening salvo. For long-time followers of Vikesgeek--of which there are at least two, counting my wife--the return of this site offers an alternative to the mainstream reporting on the Vikings. In past seasons, that has meant more critical, and more pessimistic, analysis than offered in the local press. This season, while I pledge to continue to providing critical analysis, I do so with two ancillary pledges.

The first pledge is that, as long as I have no alternative, I will continue to post on this document- and frame-hostile blog site. That will mean less certainty regarding how things look on the reader's end of the equation and more hassle on the writer's end. Nevertheless, I shall perservere as shall, I presume, the die-hard readers.

The second pledge that I make subordinate to my primary pledge is that I will continue to strive to provide useful writings to Vikings' fans--even if the very fans for whom I write hate the news. If that means criticizing the Vikings, that's what it means. If it means praising the Vikings, so be it.

Over the past two seasons, some in Vikesgeek land have criticized the posts on this site for being too critical of the home team. I defend my writing on two grounds. First, the Vikings have left much to be desired the past two seasons. From poor coaching, to poor performances on the field, to transgressions off the field, and poor management of the Club, the Vikings have been one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL since the departure of Denny Green for the higher ground (though some rightly would argue that the Vikings have been dysfunctional for much longer). Some of the low points include the Vikings' trade of Randy Moss for Napolean Harris and a draft choice that they used to select a mediocre receiver over a top defender, the Vikings' failure to find a middle linebacker despite numerous years of poor play at the position, the Vikings' poor draft record over the past decade, the Vikings' struggles in the kicking game and the kick/punt return game until last season, and the Vikings' poor return on the trade of Culpepper--a player whom the team could have held onto for chump change until he was ready to prove his worth.

My second defense for my past writings is that nobody else seems to want to report things as they are. When the Vikings have had missteps in previous seasons, local writers have offered excuses and taken up the coach's promise that things will be different, despite evidence to the contrary. That type of writing only only perpetuates an environment that is resistant to change and ensures that Vikings' fans will continue to suffer from ridiculous and unnecessary failure.

This season, despite the negatives of the past and the predictions in many circles that the Vikings will be mediocre, Vikesgeek is actually leading the bandwagon on the team being a playoff contender and a contender for the division title. What makes Vikesgeek so optimistic, particularly in the face of his pessimism of previous seasons? Stay tuned to find out.



dub-sea said...

Welcome back, VG! You may want to look at creating a account if blogger is too limited for you.

Vikes Geek said...

Thanks DS, I'll look into it.


KC said...

Welcome Back, indeed! I had bookmarked and was so sad of the thought that it might all be over - good thing I added a note to my Outlook to check back with you after the start of the Vikes "season" S'kol Vikes and Vikes Geek!

KC said...

I am interested in posting a few links on your page, but I can't find your email address (probably to deter excessive criticsm!? - nah!) - email me if you are interested in text link advertising - kristy at

Anonymous said...

Just want to say how happy I am that you are posting again, VG. I don't always agree, but I always enjoy your honesty and thoughtfulness. And you are right more often than not. You've got the local media beat by a mile both in terms of intelligence and perspective. It's been a tough haul for us all over the past several years, and you rightly point out that the media seems to have its collective head up its collective ass. I skip the newspapers a lot, but I always take time to read your stuff. Thanks for doing what you do.