Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Come to Jesus Time

Following the Vikings' third loss in as many games, there was little to be said that had not already been said. In previous Vikings' games this season--both wins and losses--the Vikings' offense has sputtered, the offense line has been unable or unwilling to block at the line or down field, receivers have dropped passes, the quarterback has thrown ducks, the defensive line has been unable to pressure the opposing quarterback, and the linebackers have been unable to cover on passing plays. Predictably, all that continued on Sunday in the Vikings' home loss to the Green Bay Packers.

And it was predictable because Childress all but told us to expect it. Just as he has all but told us to expect more of the same against the Dolphins in Miami this week.

That's Childress being Childress. Despite being a rookie head coach, he apparently is too old to change his stripes. His stripes, of course, depend on the comfort of the very well known--like an offensive coordinator with no experience at the position in the NFL and retreads from Philly joining the former Philly coach in Minnesota.

But more than on matters of personnel, Childress has earned his stubborn stripes refusing to admit that his offensive scheming is outdated, at best. Need five yards? Chilly's call will get you three. Need twenty? Ditto. Need one? Chilly will up the ante and show you a loss. That's how Chilly rolls. And, clearly for the worse, that's how the Vikings now roll. Increasingly uphill.

For Zygi and the rest of the Wilf entourage, the results are deserved, though they cannot be welcome. Rather than hiring someone acquainted with modern-era NFL football, Wilf went with a guy who pledged to "win ugly," less than a year removed from firing a coach who, more often than Chilly, did just that.

What has to concern Wilf and company most of all, however, is not the wins and losses, but the style of play and the effect that that style has on the fan base. There is little doubt that an average offensive output just slightly over 11 points per game will drive away fans. And that would be true of a team that routinely won games 11-7 nearly as much as it soon will be true of Vikings' teams routinely losing games 17-12.

Fans of the NFL watch not just to see their favorite team win, but to see their favorite team make professional caliber plays. And if Chilly wants to advance beyond rookie head coach, it might just be time for Zygi or one of his cronies to clue Chilly in on that fact of life.

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Lichty said...

I think this is probably the most demoralized I have felt about a Vikings team. At least with the previous teams where the defense sucked, I thought that in large part there were personell problems that could be corrected. Plus there was the hope the Tice would be fired so I had hope.

While there is no question that there are personell problems on offense (only a couple on defense) I see little hope in Childress or that he is close to being fired. We will probably see at least 2 more years of this.

Vikes Geek said...


I still hold out hope that Childress will recognize the folly of running the current system with the offensive coordinator that he has.

As for Childress' fate, I don't think the market will allow Zygi to retain Childress if Childress continues down the current path.

More on this in tomorrow's column.