Monday, December 25, 2006

Make That Zero Percent Chance of Robinson Returning

It didn't look good prior to Christmas Day. Today, it is fact. Marcus Robinson is no longer a Minnesota Viking. In a brief phone conversation with Vikings' personnel director Rick Spielman, Spielman informed the receiver that he was being given his release from the Vikings with one week left in the season.

It was yet another classy move for the Vikings' organization which, less than one year ago, vowed to become the class of the NFL. Last week, head coach Brad Childress publicly benched former starter Brad Johnson in favor of starting rookie Tarvaris Jackson without first informing Johnson of the decision. At the time, Childress referred to Jackson as "the team's best hope of winning in 2006." Jackson finished the game with 27 yards passing and produced zero offensive points.

In a post-game interview session, Childress defended his offensive play-calling and system as "kick ass if properly executed." The insinuation was that, despite Childress' genius, the Vikings' personnel was too inept to absorb and execute brilliant game plans. Childress did not respond to questions seeking clarification regarding how his brilliant system might be adjusted to acknowledge the personnel at his disposal.

Robinson's dismissal, an unusual move at this point in the season, apparently is tied to his comments regarding Childress' failure to adjust his game plans to the personnel around him.


Lichty said...

Wow, if you would have told me that the Mike Tice era was not the least hopeful, I never would have believed you . . . now I do.

Bah Humbug Childress.

Vikes Geek said...


I assume you've been wallowing and thus have failed to comment for some time now. I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. I don't think the Vikings have set themselves up to get the players that they contend that they need next year and, when they are able to get those players (i.e., when they become available either in the draft or in free agency two years from now), some of their current solid positions will need addressing.

I thought Childress would have problems with his lack of experience, his stubborness, and his decision to surround himself with inexperienced "yes" men. I didn't imagine that Childress' problems would be so extensive, however, or that he would create more problems than he resolved. None of this is an endorsement of the Tice era, but the Tice era sure looks good in contrast.


John said...

I have to think that you are willing to make comments without any actual knowlege of the facts surrounding any action that the Viking coaching staff takes. It is one thing to comment, for example, on play calling which you can actually observe. But quite another to comment on personnel decisions where you have only a couple of local newsmen and the innuendoes they through out on which to base your statements.

As a matter of fact, I think that you enjoy making negative comments generally made up out of whole cloth.

John said...

That's "throw out", sorry.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see what Jason Carter can do. What the heck, let's see what the potential future can do.

Lichty said...

I assume you've been wallowing and thus have failed to comment for some time now.

I have probably written two dozen comments that I delete before I published because after I read them I just look at what you wrote and think . . . "what he said."

This Childress is really a disaster. His offense is not kickass and no "West Coast" Offense has ever been "kickass."

This guy is an arrogant, stubborn fool, who thinks that the pass to the flat when you need 9 is an explosive play.

I can't disagree that it is going to get worse before it gets better.
He is squandering a pretty good defense, just as Green squndered a good offense. The sad thing is that it would not have taken much for this team to have been really competetive in the junior college circuit that is the NFC.

As you note, it is one thing for a rookie coach to make mistakes, yet quite another for him to blame his mistakes on his players and want to correct the problems by making his offense more plodding.

Thought your analysis of his view to Mewelde Moore, an ideal person to execute the WC offense sums up Childress.

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