Monday, August 27, 2007

Vikings' Moves Show Signs of Admissions

The Vikings announced several roster moves on Monday, including the release of quarterback Drew Henson and wide-receiver Todd Lowber. Henson, in his second training camp stint with the Vikings, vindicated the Vikings' decision to cut him last season by doing nothing this year.

Not to be outshone, Lowber completed his stint with the Vikings by producing zero stats this pre-season. Lowber came to Minnesota as a free agent, having played no football to that point in his life. The Vikings' front office, looking to put a good face on its inability to restructure a woeful receiving corps, introduced Lowber to the fans by extolling his exceptional athleticism and speed. Unfortunately, though predictably, Lowber had no football ability.

Unbowed by the news of his release, Lowber told fans not to worry about him. "I'm fast. I'm in great shape. I'll just catch on with another team." Sorry Todd, you're unlikely to find a second team as charmed with mere athleticism as are the Vikings.

Speaking of athleticism and speed, the days in a Vikings' uniform could be numbered for current Viking wide receiver Troy Williamson. While the Vikings have spent the better portion of two plus season explaining away Williamson's ineptitude on the field, head coach Brad Childress appears on the verge of pulling the plug on one of the worst first-round draft decisions in team history.

With last week's signing of former Green Bay Packer Robert Ferguson, his immediate insertion into the Vikings' starting lineup, and the strong slot play of Bobby Wade, Childress has already signaled his inclination to move on without Williamson and may have latitude to do so.

Should the Vikings opt to release Williamson, the team would have Bobby Wade, Robert Ferguson, and Sidney Rice as the top three wide-receivers, with Aundrae Allison and Billy McMullen serving as backups. That's still a diseased receiving corps with no down-field threat, but it's cheaper than one with Williamson and absent one less non-factor.

Brooks Bollinger also looks to be on his way out after the Vikings swung a sweatheart deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for purported quarterback Kelly Holcomb. Rather than wait for the Eagles to cut Holcomb, the Vikings, convinced by the word put out on the street by Holcomb and Holcomb's agent that another team had expressed an interest in Holcomb, gave up a sixth-round pick for him--about what the Dolphins gave up to get Trent Green.

The Vikings contend that the move was about gaining a veteran presence to serve as a backup should Tarvaris Jackson falter. Interestingly, Holcomb has started just 21 games in twelve NFL seasons. Bollinger, the man Holcomb will be replacing, has started 12 games in just three NFL seasons. The two players have comparable statistics, otherwise. How about a Fresca?

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Purple Realist said...

Tyler Thigpen was lost through waivers to KC yesterday. Not that this makes or breaks the team, he probably will never be more than a reliable back-up; but he has 100 times the promise of Bollinger and would have been worth keeping on the active roster.

I see Thigpen and Greg Blue as two players lost that had potential to be contributors at some point in time to the Vikes. Not that the release of these two players are a fireable offense, but are another blip on a long list of accumulating small mistakes by Childress.

If the Vikings finish less than 8-8 this year (which it looks like the probably will). I would suggest it is time to start over at the head coach position. Let the Chiefs claim Childress from the coaching waiver wire.

Vikes Geek said...


I like both Thigpen and Blue. The loss of Blue is understandable given the competition. The loss of Thigpen is less understandable (see column).