Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fantasyfootballgeek Debuting

It seems nearly impossible, but the start of yet another NFL season is just around the corner. And with the advent of the 2008 season, vikesgeek is happy to unveil the debut of fantasyfootballgeek.

FFG joins vikesgeek after numerous years tirelessly working the fantasy football trenches under his better known alias. Alas, not permitted to work these lowly pages under his better known name--and clearly after considerable thought--FFG has settled on a site appropriate nom de plume.

FFG will be offering his insights into the world of fantasy football, providing keys to winning your league, all at no cost to you--a premium reward for site loyalists who otherwise would spend/waste money on FFG's analysis at certain other locations. And where FFG fails to provide cogent insight or otherwise misleads readers, vikesgeek promises to follow up with impeccable hindsight.

Up Next: The Debut of FFG. Plus, Vikings news.

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