Monday, August 04, 2008

Packers Turn to Ari Fleischer

If there were any doubts regarding the Packers' intention of allowing Brett Favre to compete for the starting quarterback position, the Packers have done their level best to add fuel to the fire. After last week's comment by head coach Mike McCarthy that Favre would be welcome back to Green Bay only in a back-up capacity and by team general manager, Ted Thompson, that the Packers were moving on without last year's starting quarterback, and in the wake of team president Mark Murphy's attempt to coax Favre into full-time retirement with a large payoff, it seemed that there was little else that the Packers could do to show their disapproval of Favre's intended return.

In a move that has flown far too low under the national radar, however, the Packers offered one even larger hint at their intentions for Favre when they brought in former White House spokesperson, Ari Fleischer.

Fleischer's penchant for spin, his long suit in representing the Bush Administration during the Administration's halcyon days leading up to the invasion of Iraq, presumably was his card in calling when the Packers signed him to a one-month contract to deal with the Favre saga.

That the Packers suddenly shifted courses after bringing in Fleischer is zero surprise. What's surprising is that virtually no outlets outside of Green Bay have reported on the Packers' move.

For skeptics of the Packers' purportedly honest intentions, Fleischer's short-term hiring offers more ammunition. For hopeful Packer fans, it should breed only contempt for an organization that now has moved beyond the pale in addressing the situation.

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J. Lichty said...

Boy if Farve ends up in Tampa this has been anticlimactic.

Looks so far like GB is winning its game of chicken as the training camp days continue to tick.

Farve will retire before going to Tampa (although he does have a history with Gruden).

Ryan said...

Not sure if I agree with you, Lichty. From Favre's latest comments, it seems like he doesn't care where he plays at this point as long as he can play.

I really don't understand his willingness to play for the Jets or the Bucs. The Jets are an absolute circus under Mangini and I really don't think the Bucs have the players to contend for anything other than a first round playoff appearance and exit.

It seems like Favre really isn't using the leverage that it would seem he has.