Thursday, May 07, 2009

Favre Rebuffs Vikings?

In somewhat of a surprising turn of events--if ever there could be such a thing involving Brett Favre's off-season pronouncements, the former Green Bay quarterback reportedly has informed Minnesota Vikings' head coach Brad Childress that he is opting to remain retired. While there is little more to the story, the story appears to have originated on Yahoo! sports.

If accurate, and assuming no change in Favre's position, Favre's rebuff of the Vikings' overtures would be another difficult pill for the Vikings to swallow after having courted Favre through much of last off-season only to see the quarterback traded to the Jets. Having essentially admitted their need for an upgrade at quarterback through their pursuit of Favre this off-season, the second attempt could prove not only more difficult to accept, but also more divisive than last year's.

For Vikings' fans irrationally wedded to the notion that Favre does not belong in a Viking uniform by virtue of his service with the Packers, there is yet another reason to dislike the future Hall of Famer.

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