Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre's Signing Just What the Doctor Ordered

Quarterback Brett Favre is in the Twin Cities today en route to signing a deal that he and the Minnesota Vikings worked out some time ago but that the quarterback inexplicably came close to spurning after reconsidering his physical limitations. The signing is expected to take place early this afternoon and is reported to be a two-year deal worth $25 million, with $12 million in guaranteed money and a player option in the second year of the deal.

The timing could not have been better for the Vikings or their fans.

Contrary to most reports, the play of Vikings' quarterback Sage Rosenfels on Friday against the Indianapolis Colts caused more concern at Winter Park over the weekend than it alleviated. Despite executing on a prototypical grind-it-out drive culminating in an opening series touchdown, Rosenfels lacked zip on his pass and gave the Vikings' coaching staff reason to believe that he truly is better suited to being the career backup that he has been rather than the starter that the Vikings nearly made him this season.

Tarvaris Jackson's dismal performance only cemented the concerns of the Vikings' organization over the ability of the team's quarterbacking duo as Jackson continued to show the flaws that have plagued him throughout his brief NFL career.

With Favre now in the fold and reportedly slated to start Friday's exhibition opener against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Vikings will have to decide whether to release Jackson, the likely option, or Rosenfels, with John David Booty retained as the aspiring understudy.

Favre's signing has numerous other implications for the Vikings, their fans, and other NFL followers. For the Vikings, Favre's signing means that the Vikings will sell out each of their remaining home games, sell a slew of new merchandise, and probably significantly increase beer sales--the sale of which makes or breaks concession revenues on game day--and vastly improve their prospects for reaching the Super Bowl.

For Vikings' fans, Favre's signing means greater hope of a championship, increased prospects for seeing a professional offense run on game day, and renewed excitement for a team that seemed very much like last year's team without Favre.

Even the casual NFL fan will gain by Favre's signing, at least to the extent that they play fantasy football, in that Favre's signing will mean far more Vikings' offensive players are in play in fantasy football leagues than otherwise would have been. Now, every Vikings' receiver, running back, and tight end is a reasonable fantasy league draft option. Last week, arguably only Peterson, Shiancoe, and a healthy Berrian had clear fantasy value.

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