Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tarvaris Jackson Named NFL Pre-Season Practice Player of the Year

Somewhere in the head of Minnesota Vikings' head coach Brad Childress the notion has at least begun percolating that his hand-picked successor to Daunte Culpepper, Tarvaris Jackson, is not the quarterback that he thought he was. On Monday, Childress confirmed this when he reached for that famous last refuge of NFL coaches desperate to defy what everyone else knows to be true, claiming that "fans don't get to see what Tarvaris does in practice on a routine basis."

Here's one fan who doesn't care what Tarvaris does in practice on a regular basis when, after four NFL seasons, he has yet to show in games what he purportedly does in practice.

I'm not the quarterback guru that Childress claims to be--who is--but I know what my eyes tell me. My eyes tell me that the Vikings have a fragile offensive line, at best, in front of an aging quarterback who increasingly appears disinterested in being hit, that Rosenfels is a more complete and poised quarterback than Jackson likely ever will be, and that Joe Webb might even be considerably better than Rosenfels. If ever there was a season during which Favre was likely to need a substitute, this season would appear to be it. And nobody outside of a very small group of mind-numbingly blind Jackson supporters, believes that Minnesota would be better served with Jackson in the game rather than Rosenfels.

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