Monday, December 13, 2010

Reports of Vikings' 2010 Demise Premature

Most fans and pundits have already determined that the Minnesota Vikings are not playoff bound. While the odds of a Vikings' return to the playoffs appear fleeting, they nevertheless remain. An awful lot most go right for that to happen, however.

What must go right for the Vikings to make the playoffs this season, begins with the Vikings. They must win their remaining four games to finish 9-7. After that, the Vikings need the Packers to lose their remaining three games (unless Chicago does that), including a game against Chicago. They also need Tampa Bay to finish no better than 1-2, the New York Giants to finish no better than 1-3, with that one win coming against Green Bay (assuming Green Bay loses out), or have Philadelphia lose its remaining three games. And they need Seattle to lose one more game or beat out St. Louis for the NFC West title, and have either Green Bay or Chicago lose out.

All of that starts tonight, in Detroit, where the Vikings take on the beatable New York Giants. Under soon-to-be new head coach Leslie Frazier, those beatable opponents have translated into victories. If that trend continues tonight, the Vikings not only will be one-fourth of the way to an improbable playoff berth, they also will keep a conference competitor for that spot the same distance away from clinching the spot as they were going into the game. If, on the other hand, the Giants win tonight, the Vikings officially will be eliminated from the playoff race.

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HBandM said...

"on the other hand" it is. What a thoroughly uninspiring performance by the Vikings and just about as pedestrian as the Green Bay game.

VG, still think Frazier has a shot at a long-term contract? What about Childress' coaching in light of this game?

Excuses will most likely be floated (neutral field & crowd, Favre's shoulder, etc.). I keep thinking the team seems too talented to have been embarrased this way but they prove me wrong week after week.

MN said...

Tarvaris really does suck though.

vikes geek said...


We'll know more tomorrow, but I suspect that the Vikings' ownership is intent on making Frazier prove that he should not be head coach rather than that he should be. The game tonight was pathetic, but it was equal that of many Childress-Jackson led games in the Childress era.

This team is too talented to be 5-8. Unfortunately, they have no quarterback, no offensive identity, and a lousy offensive line. The Vikings will need to bring in players like Logan Mankins (at a very high cost) and find a quarterback who is ready yesterday if they want to compete next year. Otherwise, they ought to begin considering the value of keeping Peterson in the hopes of finishing .500 or trading him and playing for two years down the road. Options look bad right now.


vikes geek said...


I saw Tarvaris' very first workout in Minnesota and noted that he had a strong arm and quickness, if not speed. I also noted that he had two throwing tendencies--throwing the ball into the ground on short passes and nowhere near the receiver on deep routes. Those problems seemed correctible with proper coaching. Either Jackson has not received that coaching, or he simply cannot master touch.

On Monday, there was little discernible difference between Jackson and Joe Webb, except that Webb was much faster, had a more accurate and stronger arm, and is taller. I'm not ready to roll with Webb as my starter, but I do like him going forward. I cannot say the same of Jackson. Now that the Vikings are officially eliminated from playoff contention, look for Webb to play more substantial minutes--unless Favre, for whatever reason, wants to play again.