Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shocking Ineptitude Puts Vikings in Hole Following Peterson's Injury

An MRI confirmed that Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson tore both his ACL and MCL against Washington on Saturday afternoon. The injuries likely will keep Peterson sidelined for at least nine months and could jeopardize his career in the NFL.

Though likely difficult for Peterson to accept, he does at least have the comfort of tens of millions in guaranteed money courtesy the long-term contract that he inked with the Vikings this season. While that should provide solace to AP, it should all but ensure the explosion of Zygi Wilf's head.

If the thought had not yet crossed Zygi's mind that he is surrounded by general incompetence, it ought to soon. How else to explain Rob Brzezinski and Rick Spielman coordinating a deal that hamstrings the Vikings' salary cap maneuverings for at least the next three years, Peterson's presence in a meaningless game, or the continuing on-slaught of bad decision after bad decision on the field? At some point, somebody has to put someone somewhere on notice that incompetence cannot become the norm and that professionalism is not only an aspiration but an expectation. Commence breath holding.

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Childress of A Lesser God said...

I'm not sure that incompetence can recognize itself. Wilf is as bad as the rest of the members of his organization. His decision to purchase a $19 million condominium while simultaneously trying to get the taxpayers to foot a majority of the bill for a new stadium shows a shocking amount of arrogance and insensitivity.

Everything about this "organization" (to the extent that word is applicable here)is screwed up.

Where do you start when everything needs changing?

Peterson's knee is a minor problem when compared to the ineptitude of the people in charge of the team.

vikes geek said...


Agreed. I think the writing was on the wall when Zygi opened his ownership with the line "storied franchise, storied history . . . build us a stadium. "