Monday, November 05, 2012

Vikings Considering Move to Webb

The rumor out of Winter Park is that, in the wake of yet another dismal performance by quarterback Christian Ponder, the Minnesota Vikings are strongly considering a move to third-year quarterback Joe Webb.  Supporting the move is said to be team owner Zygi Wilf with head coach Leslie Frazier apparently moving in that direction.  Opposed to the move is said to be General Manager Rick Spielman, the person largely responsible for drafting Ponder and inserting him into the starter's role.

The Vikings likely are considering two options.  One would give Ponder one more week--in a home game against the Detroit Lions--to offer a dramatic turn-around.  This option would give the Vikings one more week to assess Ponder's progress and give the coaching staff the bye week to prepare Webb for his first start in 2012.

The second option would insert Webb into the starter's role against the Lions, permitting Webb to get his feet wet at home against a weaker opponent.

At this point, the best option appears to be the latter.  The guess here is that the Vikings are presently considering the various maladies that Ponder could be said to have.

Up Next:  More Rumors.  Plus, debunking myths.


comet52 said...

Since you're the only person reporting this I'd say you're making it up. Why would Zygi Wilf be involved in making game day decisions on who starts anyway? I smell b.s. here.

Blog hog said...

I agree. He pulled this rumor out of his rear