Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minnesota Governor Claims Everyone is to Blame for His Failure to Perform Rudimentary Due Diligence

Apparently intent on demonstrating that he is thoroughly unfit for his office, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is now contending that his gross error in judgment in accepting fanciful revenue figures for e-pull tabs is everyone's fault.  "The gaming commission, the legislature, my office, me...everyone's at fault," the Governor stated, attempting to draw the circle of blame--and presumably the circle of responsibility--as wide as the state. "We are all in this together," he arrogantly and ignorantly intoned, "and we will find a solution together."

Well, Mr. Governor, please feel free to count me out.  If you have any doubt about my position, please refer to my earlier articles calling into question both the imposed public commitment to the Vikings' stadium and the State's proposed funding mechanism.  There were many others who felt as I did and who voiced their opinions, only to have you ignore them.  

Mr. Governor, your time will come, probably sooner rather than later.  Politics and karma tend to work that way.  But, as you point the finger that you simultaneous claim need not be pointed, keep it out of my face and out of the faces of those whom you ignored on the stadium matter.  Point it, instead, at your circle of friends--DFL or GOP--and save some fingers for the media cheerleaders who continue to be in the Vikings' pocket and the fans who followed this cheerleading because they wanted a stadium no matter the cost.

Finally, Mr. Governor, take a page from Harry Truman and point the longest finger at yourself.  And, if you have any self-respect or even a modicum of accountability, tender your resignation.

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