Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Other Futbal on Sister Blog

For the next few weeks, Vikesgeek will defer to the soccer blog linked to on  On that blog, you will find coverage of this year's World Cup.  Although the United States is not even favored to advance out of its group, fans of the red, white, and blue might be interested in the author's take that the United States could advance as far as the semi-final round.

As the World Cup wraps up, training camp will be underway in Mankato and Vikesgeek will again be covering the purple with a tip on how to make money in Vegas when betting the Purple.


Peter said...

so - you all done blogging now?

vikes geek said...


No. Just letting others blog on the pre-season. I'll have something for tomorrow's game.

Thanks for checking.

Peter said...

good news - glad to hear it.