Monday, December 03, 2012

Frazier Hiding Contempt for Front Office on Ponder Issue

For the first time, Minnesota Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier has begun to let slip the reality that current Vikings' starting quarterback Christian Ponder is not his guy.  During his weekly press conference, Frazier attempted to deflect questions about Ponder's status saying only that Ponder was the starting quarterback.  The background noise was clear, however.

With the local media corps pressing Frazier on a matter that Frazier clearly wanted to avoid--a decidedly uncharacteristic side of our usually fawning local contingent--Frazier began showing his frustration, admitting that Ponder must get better "because we need him to get better to win."

In Frazier-speak, that's the same as saying "I would have pulled the guy three weeks ago, but I've been told to ride this out.  Why, I do not know."  As if programmed, Frazier added that Ponder is "our starting quarterback" (here, the inclusive actually is deflective) and "Joe Webb is our backup."

The question, then, is what the Vikings hope to prove by starting Ponder the remainder of the season.  He clearly does not merit any more starts and shows no promise going forward.  Moreover, starting him in the face of necessary wins evidences the type of stubbornness that has seen prior Vikings' coaches dismissed.

Clearly, at this point, Ponder's only supporter is General Manager Rick Spielman.  This is not lost on ownership or those charged with selling the product.  And if Spielman does not give up the ghost before the end of the year, we will know at the end of the year only what we know now--that Ponder is not an NFL quarterback.

It certainly is unfair, at this point, to put Webb into the starter's role.  He has not had many reps in practice.  He has not played any meaningful time this year.  And he is facing the meat of the Vikings' schedule with no margin for error.

All that said, starting Webb gives the Vikings a better chance to win than does maintaining the status quo.  Sage Rosenfels might be safer, but he is not currently on the roster.  Plus, Rosenfels is not the "long-term" solution that the Vikings have decided they must identify.  Webb might be, but we will never know if he is not given at least half the opportunity that Ponder, with no apparent justification, was gifted.

Statistic of the Year:  Christian Ponder averages six yards per pass attempt.  Adrian Peterson averages 6.2 yards per rushing attempt.

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Alex Lawson said...

Your simply an idiot. No argument what so ever. I hope they do play webb so you can see that is not thr future of this team. The vikes were not going to win the big gaMe this year anyways so stop bi!chingand get ready for another year of ponder with new WR'S.

vikes geek said...


Thanks for the insight, splendidly worded at that.


frozen Vikings said...

You must be related to ponder..Lol.. if we would have not taken ponder in the first round we could have picked him up after the draft when nobody else drafted him!!! Pull up Jackson stats Same amount of games better stats Then ponder. you don't draft a weenie arm for the NFL