Sunday, December 16, 2012

Golden Opportunity for Vikings

A win in St. Louis today inches the Minnesota Vikings closer to a playoff position.  A loss all but eliminates the team from playoff consideration.

The Vikings have positioned themselves well for winning this game.  They have relied almost exclusively on Adrian Peterson for the past several weeks, noted that Ponder is being asked to do little and is obliging, and otherwise put opponents on notice that they have no intention of going to the air.

That, of course, is when going to the air is most readily an option.  If Ponder cannot improve on his season best--or even his season mean--under these circumstances, there is no point in even having him on the field.  If he can convert a couple touchdowns today, and Peterson does what most expect him to do, the Vikings not only should beat the Rams, they should do so with room to spare.

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