Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lack of Urgency and Short-Comings Doom Vikings

In one of the few remaining games in which the Minnesota Vikings likely will be favorites, the Vikings did their best to confirm the predictions of those anointing them likely cellar dwellers in 2012.

Falling 23-20 to the Indianapolis Colts, the Vikings had over 100 yards in penalties, lost a fumble by their quarterback for the second straight game, had zero sacks from their All-Pro defensive end despite playing against an injury- and talent-depleted Colts' offensive line, made little use of tight end Kyle Rudolph, and played so close to the vest on offense that the vest appeared veiled by the team's proverbial skin.

If the Vikings continue to plod through the first three and one-half quarters of the game as if there is no reason to respond, remove Rudolph from the game plan, devote entire series to Toby Gerhart, and fail to cover anyone in the secondary, this season will be much longer than last year, if just as short.

On the day, one player earned his keep on the team--Percy Harvin.  Everyone else was simply participating or watching.

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