Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vikings' Victory Bigger Than One Win

Despite an officiating error that threatened to determine the outcome of the game, the Minnesota Vikings rose to the challenge and defeated the favored San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.  The victory means far more to Minnesota than a lone win, however.

Among the things revealed in Sunday's win were that:

  • Quarterback Christian Ponder can be very effective if permitted to use his legs as well as his arm
  • Leslie Frazier can have his team prepared to play in the first half
  • Bill Musgrave does recognize the weapons he has in Percy Harvin and Kyle Rudolph
  • The Vikings, if determined, can pass down the field without Jerome Simpson in the line-up
  • The Vikings can beat the best teams in the NFL if they play with passion on both sides of the ball and make good calls--particularly on offense

Up Next:  More Post-Game.  Plus, how one victory can change a 3-13 team into a playoff contender.

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Childress of A Lesser God said...

Great victory. I can't say enought about Ponder. He handled everything brilliantly. This is one to build on. Cheers.