Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recipe for Success in Detroit No Secret for Vikings

For the Minnesota Vikings to prevail in Detroit today, they must continue to do what they did well last week.  That means using Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, and Kyle Rudolph until the Lions show they can stop the three, permitting--even requiring--Christian Ponder to threaten the Lions with his legs, and showing intensity on defense.  If the Vikings follow this brief recipe, they should stay with the Lions and perhaps win.

Defensively, the Vikings do not yet know which quarterback they will face.  But be it Shaun Hill or Matthew Stafford, the only real concern will be the person to whom that quarterback will be passing.  Since E.J. Henderson went down with concussion symptoms, the Vikings have covered better against the tight end.  That's an n of 1, but in a season of sixteen games, it is worth noting.  At the back end, the Vikings have yet to show that they can cover an elite wide receiver receiving passes from a competent quarterback.  They will have to accomplish this task today, or risk falling behind in quick spurts.

Starting the game with a kick-off return for a touchdown would be nice, as well.

Up Next:  Post Game.

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Joel said...

Nice call, VG!