Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Spielman's Puppeteering of Freeman's Conference Call a Sign of Vikings' and Pro Sports Culture

On Sunday night, the Minnesota Vikings signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Josh Freeman to a one-year, two-million dollar deal.  Freeman immediately becomes the heir apparent to both Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel.  But while the Vikings have routinely bombarded us with comments regarding Ponder's intelligence, they apparently have a much dimmer view of Freeman.

During Freeman's first press conference with the Vikings' media, Minnesota Vikings' General Manager Rick Spielman can be heard prompting Freeman on how to respond to phoned in questions from various media members.  As with most questions from reporters, none of the questions were the least bit challenging with any angle clearly in view to all but the most dimwitted athlete.

Either Spielman is an absolute control freak, unable to control his impulses in front of a live microphone, or he merely stumbled in implementing the team's modus operandi.  Although one look at Spielman might suggest the former, it is a near certainty that, like every other Vikings' presentation, Spielman was merely toeing the company line.  That that line would require Spielman to prod Freeman to put a gloss on every comment is not the least bit surprising, but it certainly is an embarrassing indictment of the general fraudulence rife in the sporting world.  

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