Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vikings' Circus Continues with Ponder Back in at Quarterback

Add another embarrassing chapter to the Leslie Frazier-Rick Spielman personnel decision-making profile.  Today, the Vikings announced that Josh Freeman was suffering "concussion-like symptoms" and will not be starting on Sunday against Green Bay.

Is this for real?

To make way for Matt Cassel's first start against Pittsburgh, the Vikings announced that Christian Ponder had cracked ribs.  The announcement, two days after Ponder's last game, took everyone by surprise, including Ponder.  "I was just informed today that I have cracked ribs," Ponder deadpanned.

The Vikings insisted at the time of the announcement of Ponder's cracked ribs that Ponder was the team's starting quarterback, if and when healthy.  The week of the announcement, Cassel performed at the level that the Vikings previously had expected of Ponder in his high moment(s).  Cassel's performance led Frazier to start him against Carolina, despite Ponder's purported clean bill of health.

Cassel was brutal against Carolina, leading the Vikings to rush into service newly acquired Josh Freeman.  Freeman seemed to pick up Bill Musgrave's five-play playbook fairly quickly, but was "a hair off" on thirty or so of his 53 passes.

Freeman's performance was embarrassing to all involved, but Frazier remained adamant that he would start against Green Bay this week.  The backlash was immediate, with even the usually staid and accepting local media evidencing incredulity.

Today, the Vikings came full circle, essentially admitting that Cassel is the poor-man's Ponder that many viewed him to be when Spielman signed him to "give Ponder competition" and that Freeman is, at best, erratic.

Ponder emerges the clear winner in this debacle of a season, having handled his demotion reasonably well and being permitted to follow his closest competitors' putrid performances.  It is virtually impossible for Ponder not to look good in contrast.

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Childress of A Lesser God said...

I'm 45 years old. I can safely say that this is the first time that I am embarrassed to be a Vikings fan. Not upset or mad or even disgusted - literal embarrassment. There is nothing worse in my view. And we have what, 10 more weeks of this?

There is no way that Fraiser survives after this season. Absolutely no way. Whether Spielman remains is a closer call. But, going back to one of your recent posts, perhaps Wilf realizes that to sell PSLs, the team needs to win. Maybe that means starting from scratch.

That's fine with me.