Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Vikings Talking to Winfield

For much of the 2013 NFL season, rumors have circulated that the Minnesota Vikings are keen on bringing cornerback Antoine Winfield back to the team.  Winfield signed with the Seattle Seahawks, after being released for by the Vikings in the off-season.  Slowed by an injury in pre-season, Winfield was released by the Seahawks without playing in a regular-season game.

Winfield's residence in Minnesota and the Vikings' horrid play at cornerback in the season's first four games makes Winfield a natural Viking target.  Today, Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier all but confirmed the Vikings' on-going pursuit of Winfield, twice commenting that the Vikings were "exploring many possibilities," when responding to whether the Vikings were interested in the cornerback.  In Frazier-speak, that's as solid of a confirmation as one can receive ex ante.

Adding Winfield will not resolve all of the secondary's problems, but adding Winfield as the nickel back and moving Xavier Rhodes to starting cornerback opposite Chris Cook will be infinitely better than what the Vikings have relied upon for the better part of the 2013 season.

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